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Today it is WORLD BOOK DAY and at INK Lingua we love reading. This is why we have prepared new things!

As we love reading, as I said, we thought about reading something TO YOU. Yeah, that’s right! A STORYTELLING. But since we have followers and students of all ages, we have tried to make two different books so everyone can enjoy reading with us.

Reading definitely can help us learn a foreign language, like English, so that we learn new vocabulary, structures, characters, culture and with an aloud reading we know how to pronounce.

World book day – are you ready?

For the little ones (kindergartens and first grades of EPO) we have set «THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR» by Eric Crane. This is a very famous story that kids may already know, but this is their opportunity to listen to it in a different way: English language.

«The Very Hungry Caterpillar» storytelling

But as you may have imagined this is not all at all! For older kids, teenagers and adults we have prepared a extremely different book. I imagine you have heard about «The Wonderful Wizard of Oz», by L. Frank Baum. Maybe you haven’t read it but I’m sure you have watched the movie, you know Dorothy and its shiny shoes and you would definitely follow the yellow brick road! So, what are we waiting for? This is «THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ»

Part I
Part II
Part III

Well I hope you enjoyed this new alternative to this year’s WORLD BOOK DAY, since we cannot go to a Book shop, to a book market or to a signing fair.

We love reading, and you? Please, write reading suggestions in the comments so we know a little more about literature and everything related to books and readings.

easter contest participations


Hello everyone! I hope you are all safe and sound! At INK Lingua we are looking forward to seeing you again. But, meanwhile we are going to work and create new initiatives so you don’t get bored and you keep practising languages, especially English! This is why we created the Easter Contest and after some days, here you have the EASTER CONTEST PARTICIPATIONS.

¡Hola a todos y todas! Espero que estéis todos sanos y salvos. En INK Lingua estamos deseando volver a veros. Pero, mientras tanto, no vamos a parar de trabajar y de crear nuevas propuestas para que no os aburrais y que sigáis practicando idiomas, ¡especialmente el inglés!. Esta es la razón por la que creamos el Easter Contest y, después de unos días, aquí tenéis todas las participaciones.

After seeing all your photos and art pieces we decided that all of them were worth to show. So here in this video INK Lingua presents… our EASTER CONTEST PARTICIPATIONS!

Después de ver todas vuestras fotos y obras de arte hemos decidido que todas ellas son dignas de enseñar. Así que, en este vídeo INK Lingua presenta…. ¡las PARTICIPACIONES al EASTER CONTEST!

As you can see all creations are exceptional. Now you understand why we couldn’t decide, right? Here you have all the participations!

Como podéis ver todas las participaciones son excepcionales. Ahora entendéis por qué no podíamos decidirnos, ¿verdad? ¡Aquí están todas!

INVESTIGATION: Easter in English spoken countries (Easter contest participations)

We also had trouble to decide which Easter Investigation we should choose. So, again, the eldest kids’ participations are worth to show up. We will upload them up one by one but, here you can find them!

También hemos tenido algunos problemas para decidir qué Investigación sobre la Pascua debíamos escoger. Así que, de nuevo, las participaciones de todos nuestros chicos más mayores son dignas de verse/leerse. Las iremos publicando poco a poco una a una pero…¡aquí las tenéis!

So this was the EASTER CONTEST! From now on we will work on new initiatives to amuse you and to keep you into English. Stay tuned!

¡Pues esto ha sido el concurso de Pascua! A partir de ahora seguiremos buscando y lanzando nuevas iniciativas para entreteneros y que sigáis practicando. ¡Estad atentos!



Hello, everyone! At INK Lingua we hope that you all are doing well. In order for you to keep learning English along with having a good time, here we bring you the “EASTER CONTEST”.

The idea is that we make the most out of these special days of Easter and that we learn vocabulary related to the occasion, and to let our imagination run wild and thus get creative, always using the language we love so much: English!

Thus, hereby we present various competition of different age groups:

  • Kindergarten
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade of Primary
  • 5th and 6th grade of Primary
  • Teenagers
  • Adults

The theme is the same for all of them: Easter, adapted to the level of knowledge, vocabulary and the developmental and learning skills of each age group.

IMPORTANT: You can participate until Saturday, 18th April.

¡Hola a todos y todas! Desde INK Lingua esperamos que estéis todos bien. Para que sigáis aprendiendo inglés y además paséis un buen rato aquí os traemos «EASTER CONTEST».

La idea es que aprovechemos estas señaladas fechas y que aprendamos vocabulario relacionado con ellas y demos rienda suelta a nuestra creatividad. Siempre utilizando el idioma que tanto nos gusta: el inglés.

Así, os presentamos distintos concursos para distintas franjas de edad: infantil, primer y segundo ciclo de primaria, último ciclo de primaria y, por último, adolescentes y adultos.

Todos tienen la misma temática, Pascua, pero están adaptados a los conocimientos, vocabulario y habilidades de cada etapa de aprendizaje y madurez.

IMPORTANTE: podéis participar hasta el sábado 18 de abril

Easter contest

For the Kindergarten students we have prepared a drawing competition. It consists of drawing something related to Easter. Here are some ideas for you:

Para los niños y niñas de infantil hemos preparado un concurso de dibujo. Se trata de dibujar algo relacionado con la Pascua. Para ello os dejamos algunas ideas:

Easter vocabulary
Some Easter Flashcards with vocabulary

We hope that you make some really cool drawings and that, if you can, write the names of the things in English. Enjoy!

Esperamos que hagáis unos dibujos muy chulos y que, si podáis, escribáis el nombre de las cosas que escribáis en inglés. Enjoy!

In the case of the students of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade, we have prepared a simple yet very entertaining craft: painting the Easter eggs. Here you have an example and also a video of our teacher, Jasminka, explaining the process step by step:

En el caso del alumnado del primer y segundo ciclo de primaria, hemos preparado una sencilla pero muy divertida manualidad: pintar huevos de Pascua. Os dejamos aquí un ejemplo y también un vídeo de nuestra profe Jasminka, explicando el proceso paso a paso:

Easter eggs
Easter Eggs Making

The students of 5th and 6th grade will have to make there own Easter Bunny. For this as well, we have video instruction of another of our teachers, Hijab:

Los chicos y chicas del 5º y 6º de primaria tendrán que hacer su propio conejo de Pascua. Para ello, también contamos con unas instrucciones en vídeo de otra de nuestras profesoras, Hijab:

Easter bunny
Easter bunny making

The older students have a special mission: they have to investigate how is Easter celebrated in Anglosaxon countries/countries where English is the native language, to write a text (about 200 words) telling us what they’ve discovered. We’re sure you love learning about different traditions.

Los más mayores tienen una misión especial: investigar cómo es la Pascua en países de habla inglesa para después poder escribir un texto (de unas 200 palabras) explicándonoslo. ¡Seguro que os encanta conocer las diferentes tradiciones!

For all the craft we can (and we should) recycle what we have at home. This way, we reduce the consumption and at the same time, also decrease the wastage of all these packagings, materials and objects, rather than simply throwing them away.

Para todas las manualidades podemos (y debemos) reciclar lo que tengamos en casa. De esta manera reducimos el consumo y a la vez el desperdicio de todos esos envases, materiales y objetos en vez de tirarlos.

And this…is a competition. So, all the participants will have to send us their photo and their entry to our email with your name. Our teachers will see each and every one of your creations and will select the best ones, to be able to publish them here and this way, everyone will get to know the winners.

Y esto…es un concurso, así que todos los participantes deberán enviarnos una foto o el archivo correspondiente a nuestro email , junto a vuestro nombre. Nuestros profes verán todas y cada una de vuestras creaciones y seleccionarán las mejores para poder publicarlas aquí y conocer a los ganadores.

Let’s go! ¡Vamos allá!

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