Today it is WORLD BOOK DAY and at INK Lingua we love reading. This is why we have prepared new things!

As we love reading, as I said, we thought about reading something TO YOU. Yeah, that’s right! A STORYTELLING. But since we have followers and students of all ages, we have tried to make two different books so everyone can enjoy reading with us.

Reading definitely can help us learn a foreign language, like English, so that we learn new vocabulary, structures, characters, culture and with an aloud reading we know how to pronounce.

World book day – are you ready?

For the little ones (kindergartens and first grades of EPO) we have set «THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR» by Eric Crane. This is a very famous story that kids may already know, but this is their opportunity to listen to it in a different way: English language.

«The Very Hungry Caterpillar» storytelling

But as you may have imagined this is not all at all! For older kids, teenagers and adults we have prepared a extremely different book. I imagine you have heard about «The Wonderful Wizard of Oz», by L. Frank Baum. Maybe you haven’t read it but I’m sure you have watched the movie, you know Dorothy and its shiny shoes and you would definitely follow the yellow brick road! So, what are we waiting for? This is «THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ»

Part I
Part II
Part III

Well I hope you enjoyed this new alternative to this year’s WORLD BOOK DAY, since we cannot go to a Book shop, to a book market or to a signing fair.

We love reading, and you? Please, write reading suggestions in the comments so we know a little more about literature and everything related to books and readings.